The Eternity Quartet

A groundbreaking new project from New York Times bestselling author Ed Greenwood and author Robert B. Marks, The Eternity Quartet is the tale of a world from one ice age to the next, told in sixteen short story snapshots.

First Movement: Spring

It is the Spring of the World. The Great Ice has retreated, leaving verdant fields and fledgling new civilizations. It is a time of wild and terrifying magic, wondrous opportunity, and great danger.

Second Movement: Summer

It is the Summer of the World. The old empires have collapsed, and mighty kingdoms rise in their place. It is a time of powerful magic, majestic cathedrals, and great peril.

Third Movement: Autumn

It is the Autumn of the World. The old kingdoms have given way to a new, modern age. It is a time of unfettered invention, powerful nations, and bloodthirsty revolution.