Submission Guidelines

Legacy Books Press is actively seeking manuscripts from new and established authors.  We buy first English-language publication rights, and are not currently looking for reprints.  We offer a 15% royalty on the net of all books sold.  We are NOT a vanity press, and we will never ask you for any editing, publishing or marketing fees if we accept your book for publication.

We prefer electronic queries and submissions at this time.  Before submitting a manuscript, please query us with a description of the project, the target market, the time required until completion, and a writing sample, preferably the first three chapters of the book.  We will respond to all queries within two (2) months.  Preference will be given to those querying with completed manuscripts.

While your proposal is important, the most important thing in the process is your writing sample.  We operate on a “ten page rule”: if you can’t grab our attention and keep it within ten pages, we’re not interested.  Therefore, your prose should be lively, clear, and to the point.  This is not to say that specialized language should not be used when it is necessary, but it should not be used where clearer prose will suffice.

While we can accept almost any electronic format, please submit all manuscripts in WordPerfect or MS Word format.  All submissions should be double-spaced in a twelve point font.

Once your book has been submitted, we reserve the right to submit your book to peer review.  Our decision whether or not to accept your book may be based on the response from this review.