Our Authors

Kjeld Hald Galster

Kjeld Hald Galster holds a Ph.D. in modern military history from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and an M.A. in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada/Collège Mililtaire Royal du Canada. He was educated at: University of Copenhagen; St Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge; Royal Military College of Canada/Collège Militaire Royal du Canada; Royal Danish Defence College; and Royal Danish Military Academy.

Kjeld Hald Galster is a senior researcher at the Royal Danish Defence College and an associate professor (external) of military history at the University of Copenhagen.

Born 24 June 1952 in Copenhagen, Denmark, he lives in West Zealand with his wife and daughter. He holds a Queen’s commission in, and has served with, The Royal Life Guards, Denmark; he is trained as a military linguist (Russian) and had served as a military advisor to the Danish Delegation to the OSCE.

Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood is an amiable, bearded Canadian librarian best known as the creator of The Forgotten Realms® fantasy world. He sold his first fiction at age six, and has since published over 200 books that have sold millions of copies worldwide in more than three dozen languages. Ed writes fantasy, sf, horror, steampunk, pulp adventure, and comic books, and has won dozens of writing and gaming awards, including multiple Origins Awards and ENNIES. He was elected to the Academy of Adventure Gaming Art & Design Hall of Fame in 2003.
    Ed has judged the World Fantasy Awards and the Sunburst Awards, hosted radio shows, acted onstage, explored caves, jousted, and been Santa Claus—but not all on the same day. He has also worked on many bestselling computer games, most recently contributing to an adaptation by Turbine of his classic Haunted Halls of Eveningstar Realms adventure.
    Ed’s most recent novel is The Herald from Wizards of the Coast; upcoming very soon are the steampunk romp The Iron Assassin from Tor Books, and Spellstorm from Wizards of the Coast. Ed hangs out on the Internet at: theedverse.com (and sells stories there, too).

R. Drew Griffith

In 1987, Robert D. Griffith answered a call from his dog that he go to serve among the cutest of the rich, and moved to Kingston’s student ghetto. There ever since, under the top secret code name of R. Drew Griffith, he has taught Classics at Queen’s University, one of the two most prestigious universities in Kingston, Ontario. Among his courses is CLST 205: Ancient Humour (a.k.a. “Very Old Jokes”).

Michael Kaminski

Michael Kaminski was two years old or less when he first saw Star Wars and immediately was entranced by its magic spell; the event was significant in another major way in that it was the beginning of his fascination and passion for cinema in general. Many years later he found himself graduating from Vancouver Film School and immediately found work in Toronto in various forms in the camera department, from cinematography and camera operating to camera assisting. He is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild and has worked on productions such as Degrassi: The Next Generation and The Incredible Hulk.

In spite of a budding career, Kaminski still found time to write The Secret History of Star Wars between — and often on the set of — films, an effort that consumed three years. Originally released on the internet out of sheer passion for the subject matter, without a single advertisement the e-book became popular through word of mouth, and in a few months had been downloaded close to 100,000 times.

Currently, Kaminski is pursuing a degree in history from the University of Toronto, specializing in ancient near and middle-eastern civilizations.

Robert B. Marks

Robert B. Marks is a professional writer and editor in Kingston, Ontario. He holds degrees in War Studies, Medieval Studies and English Literature, and has close to 250 short publication credits, and four books published. Every year he puts a pillow under a big red coat, colours his beard white, and delivers gifts to children around the world, for which he is currently wanted for breaking and entering in at least thirty countries.

Aaron Taylor Miedema

Aaron Miedema often seems to go where the wind will blow him. His path to this book was long and winding. He started out studying theatre, coming to serve as the Artistic Director of the Renaissance Stage Company in Kingston, Ontario, between 1992 and 2000. It was during his time in the theatre that he developed an interest in stage combat and martial arts, and after 2000 he began to dedicate himself to the study and practice of ancient and historical fencing. In 2005 he returned to Carleton University in Ottawa to pursue studies in Italian, Latin, and the social history of late medieval and early modern Europe. With this knowledge, Aaron began the translation and interpretation of Italian martial arts of the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries.

However, at Carleton University Aaron’s life took another peculiar turn – it was here that he met Tim Cook, who focused these interests into the study of the role of close combat in tactical doctrine on the Great War, which became the subject of his thesis for his Master of Arts in War Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. He is now seeking a PhD program in order to become a professor of history – not surprisingly, the speciality has yet to be determined. He currently resides in Scarborough, Ontario, with his partner Yvonne.

John-Allen Price

John-Allen Price is an independent historian from Lewiston, New York.  He is the author of several historical fiction novels, each one meticulously researched.  He is also the author of the new introduction of The Art of War: Restored Edition, marking his debut as a history writer.  The War that Changed the World is his first non-fiction book.