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Reprints and new translations of books of historical importance, either as primary sources or reference books.

The Irish Mars: Bilingual Facsimile Edition

By Andreas Claudianus
Translated by Kjeld Hald Galster and Rasmus Wichmann

356 pages

ISBN: 978-1-927537-27-5

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$22.95 U.S.A.
£17.95 U.K.
€18.95 Europe
$34.95 Australia

In the later years of the 17th century, as England and France fought for dominance in Europe, Ireland became their battlefield. Known as the Williamite War in Ireland, a coalition of the willing from England, Scotland, Holland and Denmark waged a campaign against Jacobite Ireland and the French forces of King Louis XIV. Once the war was over, Ireland would be forever changed.

Remarkable and gripping, this is Andreas Claudianus’ first-hand account of the Danish campaign in Ireland, presented for the first time in a bilingual English and Latin edition. Frank, brutal, and compelling, Claudianus provides a look at 17th century warfare not from the world of generals, princes, and kings, but from the perspective of the common foot soldier.

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The Great War as I Saw It

By Canon Frederick George Scott
With a new introduction by Aaron Miedema

304 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9784652-5-4

$29.95 Canada
$24.95 U.S.A.
£17.95 U.K.
€21.95 Europe
$34.95 Australia

It is said that Canada’s birth as a nation took place on the battlefields of the Western Front in World War I.  At places like Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele soldiers attacked from the trenches representing home provinces such as Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario, and returned as proud and triumphant Canadians.

Canon Frederick George Scott was a witness to the whole of this transformation.  A chaplain of the Canadian Corps from the beginning of the war to its end, Canon Scott’s account is a breathtaking and heartbreaking memoir of one of the greatest wars in history, the Canadians who fought in it, and the birth of a nation.

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Nicoletto Giganti's The School of the Sword

A New Translation by Aaron Taylor Miedema

172 pages

ISBN: 978-1-927537-07-7

$21.95 Canada
$19.95 U.S.A.
£12.95 U.K.
€14.95 Europe
$22.95 Australia

Rapier fencing and duelling during the 16th and 17th centuries was dominated by the Italian masters, whose systems of sword fighting became increasingly sophisticated. Breaking away from this trend, Nicoletto Giganti developed something different: a frugal system of fencing that cut to the core of what a swordfight was and how to win it. Giganti’s Scola overò Teatro, or The School of the Sword, became one of the most influential systems of fencing across Europe in the seventeenth century.

In this remarkable new translation by historical fencing instructor and historian Aaron Taylor Miedema, author of Bayonets and Blobsticks, Giganti’s work is presented fresh to the modern reader.  Copiously illustrated with redrawings of dozens of Giganti’s original plates, over 60 new photographs, and even a new plate, Giganti’s detailed curriculum is augmented by comprehensive annotation and commentary.  Regardless of whether you are a historian, a casual reader with an interest in the sword, or an accomplished swordsman, Nicoletto Giganti’s The School of the Sword is a fascinating guide to the art of rapier fencing.

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The Art of War: Restored Edition

By Baron Antoine Henri de Jomini
With a new introduction by John-Allen Price

372 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9784652-4-7

$29.95 Canada
$24.95 U.S.A.
£16.95 U.K.
€18.95 Europe

Until the First World War, the theory of war in Europe revolved around a rivalry between two thinkers – Carl von Clausewitz and Baron Antoine Henri de Jomini.  For most of the 19th century, Jomini’s The Art of War was considered the most important book written on the subject, and Jomini the leading expert on military theory.

Napoleon himself, upon reading some of Jomini’s early writings on war, is reported to have remarked, “It betrays to the enemy the whole of my system of war!”

The Art of War was translated into English twice.  The first time was in 1854.  The standard translation was published in 1862, but that translation was incomplete – the translators had excised Jomini’s introductory material, losing an important part of The Art of War, including key points in the rivalry between Jomini and Clausewitz.

For the first time in English since 1854, Legacy Books Press Classics presents Baron de Jomini’s The Art of War complete and restored, with the original front matter reinstated, and a new introduction by John-Allen Price.  Still influential even today, this is a key volume for understanding the art of war and the Age of Napoleon.

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How I Filmed the Great War: The Memoir of One of History's First Combat Cinematographers

By Geoffrey H. Malins
With a new introduction by John-Allen Price

274 pages

ISBN: 978-09784652-8-5

$24.95 U.S.A. and Canada
£15.95 U.K.
€18.95 Europe
$24.95 Australia

The Western Front of World War I saw some of the first major steps in a newly founded tradition – the war documentary. Known as “kinematographers,” these men braved the front lines – sometimes filming in shell holes and often mistaken for machine gun emplacements – to capture the war on film and bring it home to motion picture audiences. One of the most famous among them was Geoffrey H. Malins, cinematographer and editor of The Battle of the Somme.

These are Malins’ experiences, in his own words. Illustrated with over 40 photographs, Malins takes us from one end of the Western Front to the other, on the ground and in the air. He tells of his adventures, the remarkable people he encounters, his near-misses, and the history he witnessed and committed to film for posterity.

Thrilling and horrifying, How I Filmed the Great War is the amazing story of the man who faced the German army and the terrors of the Western Front – not with a rifle or a machine gun, but with a movie camera.

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