Re:Apotheosis, spiritual sequel to Re:Creators, goes live on

(May 31, 2022) Re:Apotheosis, author Robert B. Marks’ spiritual sequel to Rei Hiroe and Ei Aoki’s 2017 anime series Re:Creators, launched on on Friday, May 27.

The author of Diablo: Demonsbane, The EverQuest Companion, and co-author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Agora with R. Drew Griffith and The Eternity Quartet with Ed Greenwood, Robert B. Marks is a professional writer, editor, researcher, publisher, and university instructor. He was also one of the first video games issues columnists to appear online in the English language back in 2000, and the author of three volumes of pop culture commentary.

With Re:Apotheosis, Marks takes a fresh look at the idea of fictional characters appearing in the real world, the basis of 2017’s Re:Creators and its inspiration, 1993’s The Last Action Hero. For over a century, fictional characters have been falling out of their stories into our world. Some, like mech pilot Atria Silversword and isekai protagonist Daiki Yamato, want to go home. Some, like JRPG non-player character Princess Stellaria, want a new life. Some, like superhero Captain Infinite and devil king The Destroyer, want to meet their creators. Some, like monster hunter Jenny Calhoun and super-assassin Jack Death, want justice for their suffering. As these characters come to grips with who and what they are, one starts a bloody war to liberate them all by hunting down and killing their creators.

Re:Apotheosis has already received praise from reviewer Josh Piedra at The Outerhaven. Stating that “this story has HUGE shoes to fill in my eyes,” Piedra said: “this really felt like I was reading a sequel to Re:Creators… or at least a spinoff of it.” He added, “the story was compelling, the characters truly shined with great depth and little nuances that brought them into their own, backstories and descriptions of the world were well-told, and there was some good drama,” and, “fans of the original work by Rei Hiroe will find some good entertainment value in this spiritual successor”.

The prologue and first two chapters of Re:Apotheosis went live on May 27th. New chapters will release every Friday until the serial wraps up on November 25th. A print edition with a new afterword by the author is scheduled to be published by Legacy Books Press Fiction on November 21st.

Review copies available upon request