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The Craft of Writing Popular Fiction

By Arlene F. Marks

250 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-927537-05-3

$20.95 Canada
$19.95 U.S.A.
£14.95 U.K.
€15.95 Europe
$27.95 Australia

Popular fiction both engrosses readers and inspires authors. Every day, more and more writers put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard, determined to create the next great romance or adventure. But what makes the best popular fiction tales so irresistible? How do you create memorable characters, evocative settings, and compelling plots?

In this insightful and revealing book, Arlene F. Marks explores not just the tropes and mechanisms of popular fiction, but also how they work. She takes the reader on a journey into the world of writing, demystifying the art of storytelling and explaining the craft of popular fiction. Learn how to breathe life into your characters, paint realistic settings, and weave suspenseful plots, producing stories and novels that will capture the hearts and imaginations of readers.

Arlene F. Marks is a published author, editor, and teacher of literacy and writing.

Now available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.