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Hints on Getting Published with Legacy Books Press

  1. Know your subject matter.  Publishing a book is not a small thing, even on the publisher's end, and if you can't demonstrate that you have a detailed knowledge of the subject you want to write about, you won’t be able to get past the query stage.
  2. Double-check everything you send to us, even the queries.  If your query letter is filled with typos, errors, and bad prose, why should we believe that your manuscript will be any better?
  3. Have a clear vision of your book and where it is going.  Not only will this help us decide if we want to publish it, but it will also help you write it.
  4. Write about something most people haven't seen before, or a corner of famous history that hasn’t been explored.  Take the reader (and the publisher) someplace they’ve never been.
  5. Do NOT approach us with an idea that with our help could be turned into a good book.  We publish books, not write them for you.